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Travel information - Getting to Denmark is easy


                                                                                              Travel grants

Denmark is a peninsula in Northern Europe, which means you can go by car or train from any of the North European countries.

Aarhus is close to the E45 motorway.

There are flights from several destinations throughout the world to four major airports in Denmark. If you arrive in Copenhagen Airport - the largest in Scandinavia - you can either choose to fly on to Billund Airport, Aalborg Airport or Aarhus Airport, or you can travel by train or rent a car.

From Billund and Aarhus Airport there are airport buses to Aarhus.





By plane

Aarhus Airport - AAR -

Aarhus Airport is located at Tirstrup 40 km north-east of Aarhus.
There is an airport shuttle bus to Aarhus from Aarhus Airport. Tickets are sold on the bus. Most foreign currencies and credit cards are accepted.
The travel time from Aarhus Airport to the city of Aarhus is approx. 50 minutes. One-way fare costs DKK 100 (January 2015). There are predefined stops along the route, final stop is at the railway station in the city centre (Aarhus Central Station/Aarhus Hovedbanegård).

Billund Airport - BLL -

Billund Airport is located 100 km south of Aarhus.
There is an airport shuttle bus to Aarhus from Billund Airport, called RUTE 912X. Tickets are sold on the bus.
The travel time from Billund to Aarhus is approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes. One-way fare costs DKK 155 (January 2015). The bus stops at the railway station in the city centre of Aarhus (Aarhus Central Station/Aarhus Hovedbanegård), final stop is at the bus station in Aarhus (Rutebilstationen).


Aalborg Airport - AAL -

Aalborg Airport is located 125 km north of Aarhus.
You can rent a car at the airport.
The travel time from Aalborg to Aarhus is approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Copenhagen Airport - CPH -

Copenhagen Airport is located at Kastrup and is Scandinavia's biggest airport with about 65 airlines operating from Copenhagen Airport and with more than 20 million passengers every year. If you land at Copenhagen Airport, you may take the train directly from the airport to Aarhus, and after that a bus/taxi.


By train

The train from Copenhagen to Aarhus operates on an hourly basis. Travelling time is approximately 3 hours. There is a direct train connection from Copenhagen Airport to Aarhus.
For further information, departures and reservation please see - choose UK for information in English.


By ferry

There is a ferry service between Aarhus and Kalundborg, Aarhus and Sjællands Odde (catamaran) and from Norway and Sweden to Frederikshavn and Grenaa.


By car

As in all parts of Denmark, Aarhus has an efficient road network which allows easy driving access directly to the city - Hamburg and Copenhagen are only a 3-hour drive each. It is possible to park at the venue.

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